$10 Athlete Entry Fee Per Athlete Per Meet


$5 per event per meet (7 yrs and older) 

$10 Athlete Entry Fee Per Meet for 6 yrs and under Athletes

(100 meter dash ONLY and on-site registration ONLY)

REMINDER:  before an athlete registers, the athlete must have an ID Number.  If you do not have and

ID Number, please CLICK HERE to have one issued to you.

To look up you ID Number, CLICK HERE.

Register For:

Meet Dates Will Be Posted Soon

Online Registration CLOSES at 9:59 pm the Sunday before each Tuesday Meet.

You can make CHANGES to the registration by adding events; however, this option will

close at 11:59 pm on the Sunday before each Tuesday Meet.

Deleting events will not be an option once registration is processed by payment.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to register the day of the meet

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How to Register for the meets:

Below you will find a video on how to register for our meets: