Our Mission:  To provide excellent competitions for all athletes of all levels in running, jumping and throwing in the spirit of community and friendship through the sport of track and field. 


Our youngest competitor last year was under 5 and our oldest was over 80.  Athletes that have competed in our meets come from all over the country looking to compete and participate in an exciting All-Comers meet.


In addition to our mission of providing excellent competitive environment for our community, the GA All-Comers Track and Field Meet Series were also created to and continue to provide funding for Germantown Academy's Track and Field Programs.  With this additional funding source, we have able to provide additional training equipment and gear to assist in our athletes' athletic development.  Without this equipment, we would not have been able to accomplish the numerous broken school records we have been so fortunate to achieve the past few years by our track and field athletes.

Tom Taft

GA All-Comers Track and Field Meet Series is the brain child of Mr. Taft.  Mr. Taft is our Executive Meet Director.


Mr. Taft has been on the Germantown Academy staff for 25 years.

Mr. Taft's love for track and field is like non others.  He has found a way to bring his passion of track and filed to our community and share his passion with the students at Germantown Academy and the surrounding community.

Coach "LoJo"

Coach LoJo has stepped up as Meet Director this year.  He is also our Marketing Director.  LoJo is in his 4th year on the Germantown Academy Upper School's Track and Field Coaching Staff.

LoJo has an extensive Track and Field resume:  collegiate athlete, professional athlete, 2x Olympian, World Champion. 


Coach LoJo utilizes what learned as an competitive athlete and now coaches athletes of all ages and of all levels in athletic development for all sports ether through private lessons or through his private Track and Field Club, Team VA.

Kyle Mecklenborg

Longtime Meet Director of Philadelphia-area All-Comer Track & Field, Cross Country, and specialty meets, Kyle Mecklenborg worked together with Tom Taft from the beginning to bring All-Comer Meets back to GA in 2012, and he has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that the meets actually happen.  


Kyle's nearly photographic memory has been put to use over and over to keep all of the meet details attended to.  He specializes in catching most slip-ups just before they happen, and in reacting quickly to those that get by. In 2005,


Kyle received USATF Mid-Atlantic’s Jesse Owens Award, a lifetime award for meritorious service to Track & Field, and in 2016, Kyle received national recognition as a USA Track & Field Volunteer of the Year (Mid-Atlantic Association). Kyle is currently Asst. Masters Coordinator for the Penn Relays.

Christina Johnson

Christina will be in charge of Media Relations in addition to Co-Meet Director.  She will be assisting the GA All-Comers Track Meet Staff by utilizing her website and graphic design skills.

Christina is in her 3rd year on the Germantown Academy Upper School's Track and Field Team Coaching Staff as an assistance Sprints/Vault/Hurdles Coach.  Christina also is co-founder of LoJo Vault Assault, Team VA, and is Co-Head Coach along side her husband.

Pete Jennings

Pete has been our Announcer for the past 2 years and will be returning to assist us with our announcements again this year.

Pete is in his 7th year as Germantown Academy Upper School's Cross Country Head Coach.

Dion Lehman

Dion has been our Announcer for the past 2 years and will be returning to assist us with our announcements again this year.

Dion is in his 6th year as Germantown Academy Upper School's Indoor Track and Field Head Coach.

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