Our goal is to get you signed-up and out for your warm-ups as quickly as possible.  There are two important things you can do to help us make that happen:

1) Print out an entry form from the website before you come and fill it out completely.  It makes a huge difference for us if you print all the information neatly.

2) Be sure that you have an ID number and that it is written on your entry form accurately.  If you have competed before, you can check your number by clicking on the "Permanent ID Numbers" tab.

​If you don't have an ID number (formerly competitor number), please email us at tomtaft71@gmail.com and request one in advance.  You just need to provide us your full name, gender and birthdate (your actual birthdate and not your age) . You can get one on the day of the meet, but it really slows down the process.