Our Permanent ID numbers were previously called Competitor numbers.  We changed the title so that you will know that once we give you this number, it will remain your number for all future All-Comers Meets.  If you do not have a number already, please email us at tomtaft71@gmail.com. In you email to us, please be sure to include your full name, gender, and birthdate (not just your current age).

How are these Permanent ID Numbers used and why are they important?

We give you a individual number and then enter that number and your name, age and gender (also Track Club if you are a member of one) into our computer database.  Once you have your number, you enter it on all of your event cards (also called seed cards).  When we enter results, we just need to type in that number, and the computer will enter your name and other information.  This saves a huge amount of time during the meet and greatly reduces the chance of errors.  It also allows us to post results much more quickly.  This system also means that your data will always be updated and your age will be automatically adjusted when your birthday occurs. 

If you are confused about these numbers, you are welcome to email us with a question at tomtaft71@gmail.com.

​Here is the link to all of the existing Permanent ID Numbers (again the former competitor numbers).  If you know your number from last year, it is the same this year!