We are glad that you are considering competing this summer.  Whether you  have never competed in a track meet before or are an American record holder, we will do our best to help you do your best. Click on the button below to go to the Meet Flyer and Entry form. 

Please note: If you are interested in competing in a hurdle event, please go to the "Hurdle Info" page and follow the instructions. The hurdles are a difficult event to run at all-comers meets and we do ask that you pre-register (but only for the hurdles!).

If you have not competed before, email us in advance of the meets at tomtaft71@gmail.com to receive a GA All-Comers ID number.  This number is your permanent number and should be included on your entry form and each event card (also known as a seed card).   This number allows us to be sure your data is entered correctly, and if we do make a mistake, we can go in and correct it once, and it will be correct for every event.