​Hurdles are one of the most complicated events for us to offer at our All-Comers Meets because there are so many variations in heights, total distance and distance between hurdles. 

For that reason it is crucial that you let us know no later than Sunday night exactly what race you wish to run, so we can be set up for it.  If you don't tell us in advance, you will have to run one of the races that we are already planning to hold.  Please use this email to notify us: tomtaft71@gmail.com.

In order for us to be sure that we have from you all the information that we need, please email us with your request.  The races that we can offer are detailed in the hurdle chart below.  Please check the chart for the race that matches your age and gender and send us the information from that race. 

That is, we need to you send us the distance, hurdle height and your age and gender.  The button below will take you to our table of hurdle events and options.  This table has all the information you will need to send us.  If you do not already have a Permanent ID number be sure that you request one in your email as well.  For the Permanent ID number, we need your full name, your gender and your birthdate (not just your current age).

​Thanks for helping us out by letting us know by Sunday night.