Thank you all for sharing four evenings with us this summer.  The goal of these meets remains to bring people together and to share a love and joy in the simple pleasure of seeing how fast you can run, how high you can jump and how far you can throw.  The support you show each other is really special, and we think it is what helps to make this such a wonderful sport for all ages. 

Best wishes,      Tom & Kyle


We hope you will join us on June 14th & 21st and July 5th & 12th this coming summer of 2016.  Our goal remains to provide excellent competition for all levels of runners, jumpers and throwers in a spirit of community and friendship.  Last summer Leslie Chaplin set an American record in the mile for women in the 55-59 age group with our big crowd of spectators and fellow athletes urging her on.  The record was exciting to watch, but also exciting for us is that our meets are run so well that the record met all of the tough timing and judging requirements and was officially accepted as a new American record this past fall.  Our youngest competitor last year was under 5 and our oldest was over 80.   So join us and run faster, jump higher and throw farther!    Begin by learning about about how Permanent ID #s (formerly competitor #s) work. -- Tom Taft & Kyle Mecklenborg, Meet Directors